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I don't know what experince was aimed to deliver but it plays a lot slower and more boring , upgrates take ages and it's not making fun to see no goal in reach , because of weak upgrades and slow progressen.

A really bad remaster.

applessmillion responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into adjusting some of the gameplay and such in the coming days.

Great Visuals , great Music , but that gameplay...
I really hate this gameplay , because...
1: Healing is to expensiv and you don't get healed at savepoint
2: Not enought hitpoints and no shield after a hit
3: I think some rooms are to easy and some to hard
(3rd floor , these 4 flying laser monsters and 4 turrets)
4:No range attacks , really?
5:To fast respawing of enemys (especially after you died and you want to return to your old deathpoint)
6:Hint the way would be useful because some things should stay optional and I don't want to run throught all rooms...
7:QR Codes , rightknow optional but annyoing or don't even work
(More Opinion) I really like riddles around mechanics and not these visual puzzle like in point and click games , but it's okey , I just didn't knew that the solution is lying on my feet

I stoped playing at the 3rd floor when I tried to get the key behind the door of these 4 Turrets and 4 Laser Fly
(By the way , I don't use ground floor)

Wolod responds:

Thanks for the valuable feedback.
Checkpoint gives you a little heal if your health is very low (less than 1 and a half heart). And necklace that you can buy for 150 coins gives you a shield after being hit.
I'll consider rest of your states in the extended edition.

It's a short , fine Game with a low difficuly.
I like the Music and Visualization , but only 12 Level are weak.

LightWolfStudios responds:

Glad you liked it, and do keep in mind that this was made in 72 hours, and this was out first real puzzle game. :)

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Really a nice song!
I like 8 bit like songs :D

Could it be that you make a remix of Frantic Factory from DK 64 ? :P
I really love this , just I heard this music often last days...

PuffballsUnited responds:

That is def some inspiration.

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